Live from Emmet's Place - Educational (The first of its kind!)

10 December 2021

The outstanding trio of Emmet Cohen visited the Royal Conservatoire in October 2021 to teach and record with students and faculty members, making use of the new recording studio of the Art of Sound department.

The residency meant learning from some of the best players out there, and doing so in a one-take setting with a live concert atmosphere.

The Emmet Cohen Trio:

  • Emmet Cohen – piano
  • Yasushi Nakamura – double bass
  • Kyle Poole – drums

Watch the Youtube Live Premiere on Tuesday 14 December, 09.00 PM.

With students and faculty members of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague:

  • Dani Font – guitar
  • Tristan Guillaume – drums
  • Chakseng Lam – alto saxophone
  • Pietro Mirabassi – tenor saxophone
  • Rik Mol – trumpet
  • Danilo Mormandi – guitar
  • Joon Park - piano
  • Carolina Peña Arauz – vocals
  • Arjun Ramdas – double bass
  • Nadine Serhalawan – alto saxophone
  • Niels Tausk – trumpet

Recorded on October 8, 2021, by the Art of Sound department of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, in Studio A, Amare.

  • Head of Department: Paul Jeukendrup
  • Recording supervisor: Bastiaan Kuijt
  • Recording engineers: Simon Kalker, Vito Vičar
  • Recording assistant: Luuk van Leeuwen
  • Additional support: Jos Diergaarde, Lilita Dunska

Filmed by André Teelen

  • Remote cameras operated by Maarten Kool
  • Edited by Aylin Seven
  • Produced by Susanne Abbuehl

Royal Conservatoire Recordings
Executive Producer: Daan van Aalst