Lucy van Dael: in memoriam Anner Bijlsma

Well, it hurts to say goodbye to such a striking musician as Anner was. The cellist who could ‘cry’ so beautifully on his instrument.

We will also miss his wonderfully stubborn, original and creative spirit.

All those witty and often wise quotes of you, that I wanted to immediately write down and frame, so we would never forget them.

We will also never forget your persistent ideas on how the bowing should be in Bach’s cello suites…all this is no longer here.

You were an inspiring colleague at the Royal Conservatoire - and the father of my son Merijn. Every night, you would first play with him cello duos and later, engage in a long conversation. "The men's society" I always called this time of the day.

He was the last surviving member of the Golden Trio (G. Leonhardt, F. Brueggen, A. Bijlsma) – a very distinguished group of musicians who were dedicated to the Baroque. And now, we also have to say good bye to you forever. It really hurts. Yes, it does.

Written by Lucy van Dael, Main Subject Teacher Early Music Violin and Viola at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

(Photo: Joost van den Broek)