New Issue of the Klink Composers Magazine

16 September 2022

KLINK is an initiative led by students from the composition department of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Netherlands.
Their aim is to promote the music and writing of both students and teachers and to encourage discussion and engagement within the department.

Every year a different group of students takes on the responsibility to be in the redaction of Klink. The redaction of last year decided to not only create a new website and magazine but to also start Radio Klink a new series of mixes curated by students of the composition department. The mixes feature the composers’ own work, and inspirations and explore a theme or topic. Listen to Radio Klink via this link.

The magazine contains an article by retired composition teacher Guus Jansen, and contributions by graduated and still studying composition students. Click here to read the whole magazine.

Composition Alumnus Richard Hughes who was part of the redaction last year and the year before tells us a bit more about his reasons:
'KLINK provides a medium of communication for the students and staff of the composition department at KonCon. This is what interested me in joining. It seemed an obvious way to get more involved within the department and to work on other skills such as writing, editing and designing, with other students. We hope for the magazine to serve as a memento for students of their time at KonCon.'