Performance De Wijkmuzikanten

30 January 2023

Performance The Wijkmuzikanten
In the last weeks of January students of the Royal Conservatoire can be seen on various primary schools in The Hague. These students developed a small-scale music-theatre production for young children (4-6 years old) as a part of the elective course Music around the corner/Wijkmuzikanten.
Together with coach/director Ginette Puylaert and the Wijkmuzikanten, three of our students made this performance, based on the picture book of the year 2023: ‘Maximiliaan Modderman geeft een feestje/Maximiliaan Mudman is having a party’. The students play harp, flute, and percussion. With music, mime, gestures, and movements the story of young Maximiliaan who has a party with his dolls and toy animals is told.
​​​​​​​All of the children of the primary schools were very enthusiastic about the performance. Afterwards they got the chance to play the instruments of the students themselves.

The elective course ‘Music around the Corner/Wijkmuzikanten’ prepares students for working as a local area musician in a team environment. Being involved, as a maker, in a collaborative and creative process of making a performance together gives students the chance to discover which role suits them best; for example a performer, composer, actor, educator, etc. During this course, students focus on improving practical skills like communicating in creative and/or innovative ways, with and without their instrument, how to make audiences participate in a performance, and organizing musical events for diverse audiences.