Results of the annual National Student Survey

Wednesday 23rd of June Studiekeuze123 announces the results of the annual National Student Survey (NSE) in which students participated. At the beginning of this year, more than 330,000 students shared their feedback on the study programme and institution where they study. Within the Royal Conservatoire (KC) more than 50% of our students participated, nationally this percentage was 39%.

Satisfied with the education
Although it was a special year in which much of the education had to take place online, 66% of the students nationwide indicate that they are (very) satisfied with their education in general. Within the KC this percentage is 75%.

Students were also asked about their satisfaction with specific aspects of their education, such as teachers and the connection to professional practice.

In the results, we see positive experiences in the appreciation of teachers and the feeling of involvement and contact within the study programme. 89% of all students agree with the statement that teachers are experts in their field. More than 86% also agree with the statement that they feel safe to be themselves within the KC. In addition, 89% indicate that the teachers ensure that it is pleasant to ask questions and that they have a lot of knowledge about the professional practice. 83% of the students agree that the KC is open to student feedback.

The appreciation for teachers is not only visible in the NSE, but also in the recent review visit of the Master of Music and Master of Sonology programme, where the external review team shared a strong point: “Teachers at the Conservatoire do not come to the institution just as individuals, but there is a true effort for the creation of teams through team teaching, integrated forms of assessment and frequent teacher meetings”.

What can be improved
Of course, students have shared points on which to improve as well. For example, we score less well within the theme ‘assessment', also addressed by the recent external review team. A trajectory will start next autumn in which there will be broad discussions within the conservatoire about how to improve this.

The connection with the professional practice, particularly within the Masters, also scores lower. The master's program has already been thoroughly adapted last year and 'Professional Integration' is now an important pillar next to Research and Artistic Development. And the intensified cooperation with the partners within the new Amare building will offer us possibilities to develop further regarding this theme.

What does the KC do with these results?
The above results are averages and individual students might think different on certain themes. It is good to know that the outcomes of the NSE are integrated within the KC in the 'Lemniscate of Continuous Improvement'. In this Lemniscate, the artistic standards of our education and the educational quality and their monitoring are linked. In this way we continuously work together on a quality culture at the KC. Instruments that are used for this are student panels, alumni research, visits by external 'Critical Friends', (international) external examiners, input from the program and examination committee and the international benchmarking with other institutions.

Students, Heads of departments and management share how the results of the NSE are incorporated within the Lemniscate through these personal videos.

Study choice information

Studiekeuze123 uses the results for national study choice information to future students on It is also possible to view and compare the results yourself via the NSE Dashboard.