Internships and Contracts for our Students of Royal Conservatoire Dance

12 July 2022

Also this year, our students of Royal Conservatoire Dance have been appointed contracts and internship positions at various international dance companies and dance schools. We congratulate our students and wish them good luck at their new positions!

Contracts/ Graduates:

Jingyi Feng - Hong Kong Ballet

Jelle-Johannes Hendrix - Szekesfehervari Balett Skinhaz, Hongarije

Soleil de Jager - Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Georgia Mourant - freelance

Martijn van Mierlo - freelance

Hiroki Inokuchi - Balletto di Milano, Italië

Nanaho Kugawa - Aura Dance Theater-Litouwen

Alicia Vaseo - Koninklijk Conservatorium Dans Ensemble

Moët Tsukada - Koninklijk Conservatorium Dans Ensemble

Hinako Yukimoto - Koninklijk Conservatorium Dans Ensemble


Faile Bakker - Szekesfehervari Balett Skinhaz, Hongarije

Samanja Flos - ICK Amsterdam