Symphonic Seniors in Amare

On February 11th, the event "Symphonic Seniors in Amare" will take place. Students from the Royal Conservatoire (RC) will perform with the amateur senior orchestra "Symphonic Seniors" in a joint concert. This project is a collaboration between the RC, Amare, Residentie Orkest and Symphonic Seniors.

All students of the RC follow the course "Educational Skills" in the 2nd and 3rd year of their Bachelor's degree. In this course, they get to know and gain experience in music education. In addition, they receive methodology lessons and visit various educational activities in the field to get an idea of their future possibilities. They also give individual lessons on their instrument for a semester and learn how to work with a group of musicians in the "Ensemble Teaching" course.

One of the groups of musicians that the RC collaborates with to implement Ensemble Teaching is the Hague symphony orchestra "Symphonic Seniors". Unique to this orchestra is that it is made up entirely of amateur musicians aged 65 and over. This orchestra was initially established on the initiative of the Residentie Orkest as a teaching orchestra for seniors who, for example, wanted to pick up an instrument from their youth or learn to play a new instrument. Meanwhile, the orchestra operates on its own under the professional guidance of its conductor and rehearses every other week in Mariahoeve.

Many students have fulfilled the "Ensemble Teaching" assignment with the Symphonic Seniors. First, they went to a rehearsal to get to know the orchestra and see the conductor at work. Then, students got the chance to work with the orchestra themselves. RC teachers were present to coach students and provided feedback afterwards. The orchestra, the students, and the conductor are enthusiastic about this collaboration. The orchestra and the conductor find it fun and educational to see how students approach the orchestra. For students, it is a unique opportunity to work with a group of older and motivated musicians of various levels.

On February 11th, the RC organises "Symphonic Seniors in Amare" as the final part of the collaboration project. Students will practice with musicians from the orchestra and perform together in a rehearsal with the entire orchestra. The public is welcome to enjoy the concert on the tribune staircase in.

Concert ‘Symphonic Seniors in Amare’

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