Tim Brackman wins 'Best Performance' at Oskar Back

Master student Tim Brackman has won the prize for Best Performance of Aeriko, composed by Calliope Tsoupaki for the violin Competition Oskar Back 2018. Tim played together with pianist Anne Brackman.

Calliope Tsoupaki about Aeriko:
"AERIKO is a word from the Greek folk tradition and fairy tales, meaning, etherial creature, airly fairy-like celestial being. It’s the first word that comes up to me when I think of my lifetime friend and great philologer Mado Malamou. I dedicate the piece to her for all the poetic thoughts we share together."

Tim also won the third place in the category Oscar Back.

Two alumni of the Royal Conservatoire were awarded prices as well:

Niek Baar won the overall competition. He played Schumann's Violin Concert.

The Performance Price went to Maxime Gulikers, alumnus of the School for Young Talent.