Welcome to the KonCon Family, Robinson Khoury!

26 February 2021

The Jazz Department of the Royal Conservatoire is delighted to announce the appointment of the extraordinary French trombonist Robinson Khoury as our new Main Subject Teacher Jazz Trombone, starting in the academic year 2021/22!

Robinson Khoury is already well known in the Netherlands as a member of the Metropole Orkest. A graduate from the renowned CNSMD in Lyon where he studied with Michel Becquet, he has been active in both Jazz and Classical from an early age. During his studies, he started also doing research into Arab music. As a player, composer and band leader, he has made a name for himself well beyond France and has been asked to teach masterclasses worldwide.

His many accolades include winning Best Soloist at the Paris La Défense Jazz Competition, First Prize at the Jay Jay Johnson Competition of the International Trombone and the Grand Prix as well as Best Soloist at the Riga Jazz Stage.

We look forward to welcoming Robinson Khoury to the Royal Conservatoire!