‘I see my future as a chance to create more. The more you create, the freer you feel.’ Mihalis is studying Sonology, specialising in Instruments and Interfaces. This specialisation is organised together with STEIM in Amsterdam.

‘I am originally an architect. I don't really have an education in music, but I do have been playing the piano and guitar since I was a child. My joint passions of creating objects and playing music have resulted in me making instruments.' Creating an instrument is a lengthy process, Mihalis explains. 'It always starts with an experiment. Then by constantly tinkering and experimenting you will eventually arrive at the final result.'

In the Master’s specialisation Instruments and Interfaces, students spend two years developing an entirely new instrument, either a physical instrument like Mihalis’ Kyklophonon or a digital interface. ‘The Hague was the only institution offering a research programme in which you could design your own instrument and give performances with it. Everyone on the course originally worked in a different discipline or had different education, but we all share the same passion for design and music. That is precisely the combination I was looking for. I immediately jumped at the chance to join the programme.’

Photographer: Marijn Smulders (alumnus KABK). This picture is taken at the construction site of Amare. In the summer of 2021, the Royal Conservatoire will move to this new building, together with the Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater and Zuiderstrandtheater.

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