Irma Kort

Teacher Oboe and Methodology

Irma Kort began her studies in oboe at the Conservatoire in Groningen, with Frank Mulder. After completing the methodology and theory subjects there, she continued her studies with Bart Schneemann at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. She took lessons in alto oboe with Ron Tijhuis during her Mastre's degree and studied at the Musik Akademie in Basel for a few months with Omar Zoboli.

Irma attended masterclasses by Dominik Wollenweber, Stefan Schilli, Francoix Leleux, Hansjorg Schellenberger, Andreas Wittmann and Omar Zoboli. 

Shortly after completing her degrees, she became principal oboist at Holland Sinfonia, a position which she holds to date. She is a member of the Martin Fondse Orchestra and of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

Irma has worked for the BBC Symphony Orchestra in London and has an extended freelance practice in most Dutch orchestras and ensembles, among which radio orchestras, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, The Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, and the ASKO|Schönberg Ensemble.

She plays chamber music with the Trio d'Anches with Janet Morgan and Hans Petra and has an oboe duo with Marrit van der Weij.

Irma is involved with the instrument fund of Musicians Without Borders. The fund has the task to find instruments on the lists of specific projects. Currently:

- an instrument loan 'library' for children in Kotel/Bulgaria

- Music Room SArajevo, for music lessons for orphans in Bjehave

Irma is a teacher at the Malcolm Davies Music Centre, The Centre for Young Musicians and the The Hague Music Academy.