Jan van de Putte

Hoofdvak Compositie

Jan van de Putte (1959) studied musicology and sonology at the University of Utrecht, music theory with Joep Straesser and electronic music with Ton Bruynèl at the conservatory of Utrecht. He also studied computermusic with Floris van Manen and composition with Klaas de Vries. Since 1996 Jan van de Putte lives alternately in Rotterdam and Paris. In Paris, he was selected in 1996/1997 by IRCAM to follow a year course which resulted in the first version of the piece Dans le coin.

The work of Jan van de Putte is exceptional in any case. As composer, he is influenced by Mahler, Debussy, Webern, Varèse, Stockhausen and Rihm, traditional music from Indonesia, China and Japan, moviemakers Tarkovski and Bergman, artists Beuys, Twwombly, Kiefer and primitive art and by the writers Dostojevski, Beckett, Céline and Artaud. Thereby he has a big interest in traditional folk- and puppet theater, both western- as non-European. A kind of theatre in which music almost always plays an important role.

Jan is a main subject teacher composition since 2018.