The Composition Bachelor program is a highly intensive course characterized by a strong loyalty and team spirit among students and teachers. Many graduates of the Composition program in The Hague have achieved world renown, with works performed by prestigious ensembles at leading opera houses, music festivals and venues all around the world. The faculty, once the birthplace of the revolutionary ‘Hague School’, concentrates on encouraging the creativity and versatility of the students, on enhancing a spirit of research and helping students to discover their own identity as a composer.

During the course you will develop your own contemporary music practice and will work closely with musicians in performances of your own creations. We devote much attention to cooperation with creative spirits from other disciplines, to improvisation and to the use and development of (live) electronics and multimedia. You will be able to study the production of music theatre and forms of interdisciplinary art, particularly in association with music theatre workshops, other art academies and numerous music ensembles.

During the course you will be required to manage a portfolio in which you keep a record of your activities during your studies, including your own concert recordings, programs and reviews.

In addition to acquiring a sound theoretical basis you will gain practical experience by taking part in a great many internal and external projects.

At the end of the fourth year you will give a presentation on the compositions you have produced during the course. The program has close ties with the professional field through its collaboration with ensembles such as the New European Ensemble, Modelo62, Slagwerk Den Haag, Asko|Schönberg, the Residentie Orchestra, Ensemble Klang, Kluster 5 and with venues and festivals such as Korzo, Loos and Gaudeamus.

You can also take Composition as a minor, but will then have to sit an entrance exam. As a minor study the course lasts three years. You will take part in a group lesson in composition every two weeks (in a group of app 5 students) and the weekly Studium Generale. You can expand your curriculum with a selection of other group lessons. The evaluation for the minor exam is broadly the same as the Bachelor exam, although the standard at which you are judged is lower.





4 years


Bachelor of Music

Tuition fee

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Department Chairs

Yannis Kyriakides - Chairperson & Communication
Erika Bordon - Coordinator & Finances
Peter Adriaansz - Curriculum & Exams
Mayke Nas - Projects & Collaborations
Trevor Grahl - Student Welfare & Quality Culture