Matthijs Ruijter

Teacher Art of Sound

Matthijs Ruijter is an all-round music engineer, with an emphasis on acoustic repertoire.

Already during his studies at the Royal Conservatoire (study Muziekregistratie/Art of Sound) Matthijs founded his own company to explore different areas of sound technology: classical music recording and post-production (a.o. for Philips Classics), sound design/amplification of contemporary music theatre, mastering, audio post-production for film and TV, studio recording and mixing, radio broadcasting.

Shortly after the demerger of the Philips Classics Recording Center (restarted as Polyhymina International) Matthijs joined Polyhymnia as co-owner, recording engineer, post-production engineer and studio manager/director. In this position he participated in a long list of internationally acclaimed classical music productions, including the complete Bach Cantata recordings of John Elliot Gardiner for the Bach 2000 year. During Matthijs' engagement with Polyhymnia, the studio had an active advisory role for Philips Eindhoven in the development of the Super Audio CD. In those years he gained a lot of knowledge and listening experience in the field of High Resolution audio.

After nine years of being associated with Polyhymnia, Matthijs decided to broaden his horizon in the field of music engineering again. He is now focusing on classical music production with his own recording company, as well as sound reinforcement for contemporary/jazz ensembles.

Matthijs teaches post-production for the specialization ‘Recording’, Listening Skills, Communication and Education. He is research supervisor for the program Master Art of Sound.