Art of Sound: sound direction for professionals

In the vast majority of cases, producing and listening to music involves the use of technology. To achieve the best musical result in recordings or at concerts, the sound engineer must have a very good understanding of music. The Art of Sound programme combines instruction as a technician and music education to train you for a career as a professional sound director for musical recordings and performances.

The Art of Sound programme offers a choice of three graduation profiles:

  • Recording: you will learn to make and edit recordings of acoustic repertoire, usually jazz or classical music, with varying instrumentation and employing the very latest technologies.
  • Studio production: you will specialise in multitrack studio productions with electronic post-production.
  • Sound reinforcement: this course focuses on sound direction and design for live concerts and musical-theatre productions.

Art of Sound is a practice-based programme. During the course you will participate in various projects in which you will arrange the amplification for live performances and/or produce live and/or studio recordings in the Conservatoire and at other venues. You will follow music lessons, as well as extra classes in an instrument of your choice (classical, jazz, pop). Throughout the course, you will take part in various projects organised in association with other departments of the Conservatoire under the guidance of leading professionals. The curriculum also includes an internship, which will give you an opportunity to expand your network.

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4 years


Bachelor of Music

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Department head

Paul Jeukendrup

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