Patrick Schenkius

Teacher Music Theory

Patrick Schenkius graduated in 1995 as jazz guitarist (Royal conservatory, The Hague) and finished in 1997 two studies, Jazz Music Theory and Arranging /Composing Jazz in Hilversum (nowadays Amsterdam Conservatory). He teaches jazz music theory (Analysis, Harmony, Ear training and Solfège) on both institutes. He is also active as guitar player in a jazz trio (with tenor saxophone and double bass) with new arrangements of standard jazz repertoire. Besides the trio, he is working as bandleader, arranger and guitarist in a combo with a singer performing original arrangements of the Frank Sinatra small band repertoire.

In March 2016, Patrick Schenkius finished his Master study Music Theory Jazz at the Amsterdam conservatory. His research topic was about the multiple transformations of the standard twelve-bar blues form in instrumental jazz. The goal of the research was to investigate the existing definitions of the blues form and to examine them to the recordings of blues pieces by jazz musicians from the early beginning until the present. The conclusion led to an adapted definition of the instrumental jazz blues.