Pepe Garcia

Main subject teacher percussion (Classical Department), Teacher Historical Development of the Percussion (Early Music Department)

Jose ‘Pepe’ Garcia Rodriguez is a versatile Mexican performer living in the Netherlands that happens to play percussion and some other stuff as well. He specializes in working together with composers, performers, and other artists to create exciting new work.

Recognized for his charisma and musicality, Pepe Garcia is a pioneer in creating ways of approaching new music through the aid of unconventional methods of musical notation, designing new instruments, fusing technical resources from non western cultures and extending the possibilities of traditional percussion instruments through electronic processes.

Pepe received his Bachelors and Masters Certificate at Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag. He has also traveled to India to study Mridangam and Carnatic music with B.C. Manjunath. He was awarded with the Ear Massage percussion quartet in the IPCL 2004 (International Percussion Convention Luxembourg) and Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition in 2009.

Pepe is co-founder of Foundation Sonoro”. Life for many children in Mexico is difficult and they are subject to the temptation to fall into crime. Through Foundation Sonoro they offer them a different perspective by organizing music/theater workshops and concerts. By working with local crime specialists and psychologists he deals with the problem at its root. Offering proper information and guidance to the parents is crucial for creating a safe environment for children at home.

Current member of Slagwerk Den Haag (Percussion The Hague), a group that has built up a leading position, both nationally as well as internationally; a position, which has brought them to virtually all European countries, the United States, South America, the Middle East, Japan and Korea. In its use of instrumentation as well as sound sources The Hague Percussion is noticeable for an enormous diversity. Equally broad is its programming: from specialized research projects to accessible programs for a general public and from concerts for the youngest generations to large-scale (inter) national co-productions.