Ward Spanjers

Teacher Music Theory

Ward Spanjers studied Classical Guitar and Theory of Music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He teaches music theoretical subjects at the Royal Conservatoire since 2016. Ward specializes in 19th and early 20th century music, particularly in ‘traditional’ or ‘historically informed’ composition/writing techniques (also known as ‘Style Composition’), and in the relationship between music criticism, art theory and aesthetics on one hand, and music analysis and interpretation on the other.

Ward aims for an artistic and integrated approach in his lessons, with special attention to music’s interaction with other fields of art. Moreover, he is engaged in music interpretation in relation to performance, and teaches chamber music.

Apart from his activities as a teacher, Ward is active as a composer and arranger. His interest is mainly focused on possible relationships between historical composition (techniques and aesthetics) and creation of new art.