School for Young Talent Dance Change
Applications for this programme are closed.

To apply for one of the Dance auditions, you have to register in Osiris, the registrationsystem for the University of the Arts the Hague.

When you're on the page, click on the message: If you don't have a username/password, click here at the bottom of the page. Note: you don't create a password here the first time but one is given to you that you can adjust later.
In the personal info fields on the first page, please provide us with the child's information, not the info for the parent.
This is the application procedure for the School for Young Talent Dance programme, not the Bachelor of Dance.

Click here to go to Osiris.

For questions on the Osiris process, you can reach out to Karel Treling, functional manager for Osiris. For questions regarding the auditions, feel free to contact the auditions coordinator, Sacha Steenks.