The Dance Intensive is a six day programme (14th-19th August) aimed at presenting a concise version of our school curriculum, with prominent teachers like Yannick Boquin, Esther Protzman, Siner Gönenç Boquin, Aya Misaki and many more. New in this edition is the individual coaching of ballet and contemporary solo’s.

The Dance Intensive programme, is a classical and contemporary dance training programme for dance students from 15-25 years old. We offer both classical and contemporary technique- and repertoire classes, in a morning and afternoon schedule. New in this edition is the additional solo’s coaching. After morning classes, participants can register for individual coaching on their pre-rehearsed classical or contemporary solo’s. We also offer group coaching on solo’s and repertoire that the participants will learn during the 6-day course. In the afternoon of Saturday the 19th, a selection of the solo’s and repertoire will be presented in a presentation.

Apply for the Royal Conservatoire International Dance Intensive ‘23