A day in the life of a graduating conservatoire student: Alba Franco Trancon

3 May 2024

Exam season has started and the energy at the Royal Conservatoire is electric! We'll be shadowing some of our most talented musicians and dancers. Dive into their daily routines, discover their study hacks, and witness firsthand the passion that fuels their artistic journeys.
Today, we take a closer look at a graduating musician's daily life: Alba Franco Trancon, a master's student in classical harp, specializing in contemporary music.

Alba's exam program is a celebration innovation. Among her repertoire stands a piece by the renowned contemporary composer Heinz Holliger. Alongside this, she showcases two original compositions crafted especially for her by composers studing at KC. Yet, perhaps most intriguingly, Alba concludes her performance with her own pop-infused creations, seamlessly blending harp melodies with electronic beats.

Listen to one of Alba's songs below:

Collaborating with the composers of KC

"I absolutely adore my entire program. I'm thrilled to combine electronics and harp, which aligns perfectly with my musical aspirations. My master's research focused on this fusion, and I couldn't be happier with the direction it's taking me as a musician.

The opportunity to collaborate with composers right here in our building is invaluable. It is amazing that we can collaborate so closely, enabling us to truly understand each other's artistic visions. Together, we bring their ideas to life through sound.”

Flexible routine and joyful practice

My daily routine changes a lot. I don't like strict schedules much. But I do plan what I want to do by the end of the day.
he only thing I schedule is to take breaks during the day. I noticed that my playing really improves if I take care of myself in this way.

Every morning, after I eat breakfast and have my coffee, I spend 15 minutes warming up on my harp. Then, I spend another 15 minutes of improvising, playing around and having fun with it. This helps me feel connected to my instrument.

My harp teacher Sylvain Blassel advised me to take those 15 minutes of fun-time with my harp every morning and it really changed my live! It seems normal for a musician to love your instrument, but since we are playing like 8 hours a day, sometimes we are just so focused on mastering the pieces we play that we actually forget about how cool the sound of our instrument is.
It is important to have fun, explore, enjoy your instrument and play without judgement!

An exam as a party!

‘I'm not particularly nervous about my exam. I want to perform and showcase something I'm proud of. My family from Spain is coming, and I'm excited to show them how amazing the harp is!
The exam is a true reflection of my identity, because I will be playing pieces composed especially for me and my friends, and most of all because I will also play my own songs, which have been a significant part of my journey at the conservatoire. This segment of the exam will be a party!’

Don’t miss out on Alba’s party!
Just like all other students' exams, Alba's is open to the public and completely free.

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Alba’s exam will be on the 21st of May at 18.00h in the Conservatoriumzaal