Concerts and perfomances during Covid-19 pandemic

In the 2020/21 season, our program with concerts and performances will look different from what you are used to from us. Check for an up-to-date overview of planned concerts and performances and whether an audience can be present. This overview is regularly updated.

A number of concerts will also be recorded with cameras and audio recordings and made available live via a livestream. This information can be found at the relevant event.

Whether and how much audience can attend the concerts in the autumn of 2020 strongly depends on how the Covid-19 pandemic develops, the measures taken nationally and the protocol of the Royal Conservatoire itself. Of course we look forward to welcoming you, but at the same time on-site education for our students is our main focus point.

When you visit a concert or performance at the Royal Conservatoire, we ask you to:

  • Register, because there are only a limited number of seats available;
  • Wear a face mask within the building, which you must bring with you and will be asked to wear upon entering. You will also be asked to disinfect your hands at the entrance with the means that are offered there.
  • Arrive shortly in advance and leave the Royal Conservatoire straight after the concert.

You can be sure that the Royal Conservatoire creates a safe environment for our pupils, students, teachers, staff and guests. If you notice something during a visit that you would like to share, we would like to hear from you at

You can find current updates on how the Royal Conservatoire is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic at

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