The Master of Music rated best in the National Student Survey 2022

The results of the National Student Survey 2022 (NSE) were announced last week. a large-scale national survey in which students in higher education are asked for their opinion about their study programme and educational institution.

We are proud of the fact that our Bachelor of Music is seen as one of the best-rated programs in the Netherlands. The Master of Music is assessed as the best in many aspects and even has the highest score of all Dutch programmes.

The National Student Survey is an integral part of The Quality Culture approach at the Royal Conservatoire, based on the conviction that by connecting internal and external knowledge and feedback, the quality of our study programmes can be improved.

First analyses of the results show the following highlights:

  • Overall, the satisfaction of both bachelor's and master's students has increased slightly compared to 2021;
  • The score on facilities has increased significantly, which will certainly be related to our new wonderful home Amare;
  • The satisfaction on the themes ‘assessment and feedback' and 'connection to professional practice' has increased lightly in both the Bachelor and Master Music. However, ‘assessment and feedback’ remains an important point of attention in the coming years.
  • ‘Engagement and contact’ and 'Study load' are rated less well this year than the year before, an important point of attention.

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