Faile Sol nominated for Piket Art Prizes

29 June 2022

On 20 June, the nominees for the Piket Art Prizes were announced. Since 2014, the Prizes are awarded annually to promising young artists that have a relationship with the Hague region, either because (s)he flourished there or because his/her work provides a stimulating contribution to the local cultural environment. Among the nominees is Faile Sol, who has been studying at the Royal Conservatoire (School for Young Talent and Bachelor of Dance) since 2017.

Faile: 'I've never felt the need to participate in dance competitions, because I'm not a competitive person. This nomination feels different. This is for who I am and what I stand for and not what I present. I am very grateful for this.'

The winners will be announced on October 10 in the in the Lourdeskerk in Scheveningen.

On the website of the Piket Art Prizes you can read more about Faile Sol, you will find a video in which the jury explains its nomination, and you can also read more about the other nominees in the categories Painting, Dance and Performing arts.