Winners scholarships Dansersfonds '79

17 April 2024

On 6 April, Dance students from the Royal Conservatoire, Codarts and the National Ballet Academy attended a dance class taught by Han Ebbelaar, former first soloist of the Dutch National Ballet. Judges from Dansersfonds '79 (Alexandra Radius, Bonnie Doets, Ine Rietstap, Karin Schnabel and Floor Eimers) awarded scholarships to a number of students after the lesson. The winners also included three Royal Conservatoire Dance students: Eva de Lang, Luc Serrarens and Ophelia Ranzetti. They each won a € 2500 scholarship.

Ophelia tells about her experience:

'Taking part in this class gave us the opportunity to showcase ourselves. At the beginning of the class, I found it very exciting because it was the first time so many well-known dancers would evaluate me. But during the lesson, I noticed that I was more at ease. This also allowed me to enjoy the moment more.

With the money I won, I would like to take a summer course abroad. There I hope to expand my technique and gain a lot of experience by being taught by different teachers.'

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