Interview with Floortje by Dansmagazine

24 January 2022

Dansmagazine recently published an interview with Floortje (Bachelor of Dance):

'Many young dancers dream of a career as a professional ballet dancer, but not everyone will achieve that. In addition to a lot of dedication, hard work and talent, you usually need years of training to perform at the highest level. So you have to love dance very much to be working on it every day. The 18-year-old Floortje Steen from Haarlem has that strong passion and dreams of a career with a dance company. For her, dance is a way of expressing emotions.

The love for dance started at a young age. When Floortje was three years old, her mother took her to her first dance class. "She saw that I always liked to move," says Floortje. When she was ten she decided to audition for the Royal Conservatoire.'

Read the entire interview on the Dansmagazine website
(Dutch only)