Konrad Boehmer at Forteiland Pampus

From the 6th till the 11th of September Pampus, the island near Amsterdam will be honouring the composer, music critic and teacher of the Royal Conservatoire Konrad Boehmer.
During BimBamBoehmerBoem! artist collective 7090 takes the legacy of c Konrad Boehmer in hand, lifts it out of its context and gives it a new place in the twenty-first century.

Konrad Boehmer (1941–2014) was invited to the Netherlands in 1966 by the Institute of Sonology to write an electronic work. The result was Aspekt, which is still seen as an international classic.
In 1972 Konrad started to teach music theory lessons at the Royal Conservatoire. When the Institute of Sonology moved to The Hague in 1986 he also became active as a sonology-teacher. In 1994 he became head of the department, following in the footsteps of Stan Tempelaars, and he kept this position until his retirement in 2006.

Konrad was very popular among the students. But he could also be very critical of the state of affairs at the conservatoire, which resulted in several conflicts with the management and his colleagues. In 1982 for example, he made a radio show about Stockhausen, during the time this composer was a guest at the conservatoire for five weeks. In the radio show, Kohnrad shredded the "Private religion" and the "Childish ideology" of Stockhausen, but at the same time he called him "one of the most original composers and music-thinkers of the entire music history."

After his unexpected death in 2014 the Konrad Boehmer Foundation became active. The primary task of the foundation is the management of Konrad's enormous archive which, besides compositions, consists of a large amount of articles and correspondence. Furthermore, their goal is to encourage the study of different genres within modern music, which with their innovative character didn't find social support yet.
The Konrad Boehmer Visiting Professorship is an initiative of the Konrad Boehmer Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire. This special guest professorship is occupied by leading innovators and researchers in the field of electronic music. For example, Trevor Wishart, Nic Collins, Horacio Vaggione, Cathy van Eck, Peter Ablinger en Veniero Rizzardihave been a guest at the Royal Conservatoire.

Now the foundation commissioned artist collective 7090 to develop BimBamBoehmerBoem.
From Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 September music will blare through the corridors, texts will drip from the walls and art and kitsch from Konrad Boehmer's private collection will fill the rooms of Pampus.On Sunday 11 September, 7090 will close with four explosive performances.

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Photo of Konrad Boehmer © Pieter Boersma