Research grants awarded by De Zaaier Foundation

10 June 2024

De Zaaier Foundation has extended its financial support to Master Research students at the Royal Conservatoire, in a continuation of commitment to music and science. Whe are highlighting the foundation's recent decision to provide funding for sixteen students for the academic year 2023-2024, following their initial support of seven Master students in 2020.

Supporting research in the arts

De Zaaier Foundation is a small capital fund founded in 1985 by Mrs. Dieuwke Honig-Prager. The emancipation of the individual and the promotion of sustainable development are central to De Zaaier’s philosophy. Next to their developmental work, De Zaaier has reserved a percentage of their funds for the support of research in the arts, which in the past has largely been for PhD research at Leiden University.

In the Autumn of 2020, the board of De Zaaier approached Kathryn Cok, Head of Master Research, to enquire if they could provide financial support for Master Research students here at the Royal Conservatoire, as they are particularly interested in the interaction between music and science. The wonderful result of the discussion that ensued is that seven of our then Master students, now alumni, received financial support for their research, based on a research proposal that they submitted as part of the Master course: Introduction to Research in the Arts. De Zaaier was impressed with the diversity of our student body and the originality of the research proposals submitted. The students selected represent various departments of the Conservatoire.

New support for this academic year

The Zaaier Foundation has once again generously offered financial support to sixteen M1 students for this academic year 2023-2024, for which The Master Research Department is sincerely grateful.
One of the selected students is composition student Alberto Tombolan, who’s research is about collective composition, and therefore the creative process in a collaborative music-making practice. Sociology is the main field within his research where music and science, or more precisely social science, connect. “De Zaaier Foundation motivates me to keep on believing in my project by providing the financial support to reach my goals.”

Many thanks to De Zaaier Foundation for their continuing support of our students.