Walter Reiter gets Editors Award for an Outstanding Educational Resource

31 March 2021

Walter Reiter, main subject teacher Early Music Violin& Viola got awarded at the British Music & Drama Education Awards 2021. In a yearly recurring event, the awards cherish outstanding achievement in the field of music & drama education. There are different categories in which awards are distributed.

The Music Teacher Magazine decided to give their award to Walter Reiter's book The Baroque Violin& Viola.

According to Thomas Lydon, the editor of the magazine Reiter deserves the Editors Award for an Outstanding Educational Resource because:
‘The books are a treasure trove of fascinating historical sources and in the author, we have an expert guide.’

About the book
In the early seventeenth century, enthusiasm for the violin swept across Europe--this was an instrument capable of bewitching virtuosity, with the power to express emotions in a way only before achieved with the human voice. With this guide to the Baroque violin, and its close cousin, the Baroque viola, distinguished performer and pedagogue Walter Reiter puts this power into the hands of today's players. Through fifty lessons based on the Reiter's own highly-renowned course at The Royal Conservatory of the Hague, The Baroque Violin & Viola provides a comprehensive exploration of the period's rich and varied repertoire. The books delve into the early seventeenth century and discuss both practical insights and technical basics as historical context.

In the video below, you can see the award ceremony. From 43;12 it is about Walter Reiter.