The selection for the Master in Sonology is done on the basis of a portfolio with compositions, recordings of live performances or research results in the form of computer programmes, articles, theses etc. You should have completed a preferably Sonology-related Bachelor with a good or very good result. In addition, a study plan has to be submitted on two A4 pages, which consist of the following elements:

  1. A short description of the intended project to be realised during the Master course. This project can consist of a practical and a theoretical part, or be exclusively theoretical.
  2. A time plan divided over 4 semesters, in which proposals are made for the possible participation in subjects from the Bachelor Sonology, the Sonology course, or from another course option from the conservatoire as part of the free study space.
  3. An extensive description of the intended project. In this description a research question should be formulated. Descriptions should also be given of the context in which the research takes place, and the form in which the research results will be presented, for instance compositions, computer programmes, and articles.
  4. An overview of the subjects to be covered in the final exam thesis.

Because the Master Sonology is a research master, there is no need for you to write a separate master plan.