After your Master's study there is the possibility to obtain a PhD in music. The Royal Conservatoire, together with Leiden University, has set up the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA), a unique partnership in Europe.

The doctoral program for musicians and composers within ACPA is provided under the name docARTES. This is an international inter-university doctoral program based in the Orpheus Institute in Ghent (Belgium), for practice-based research in music, designed for musicians-researchers. docARTES starts with a doctoral curriculum (4 years) that allows doctoral students to develop and refine artistic skills and research skills, academic knowledge and methods. Afterwards PhD students continue their research on an individual basis. In addition, students are admitted to a professional and artistic research environment that prepares them for a career as artistic researcher. The public defence takes place at Leiden University via ACPA. Just like in the master's program, the own artistic practice is the centrepoint in the doctoral trajectory. ACPA also offers a doctoral program in the field of visual arts and design: PhDArts.

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