Bart Suèr

Head of Jazz Department

Saxophonist Bart Suèr founded Dox in 1998; publisher, label and impresario for professional jazz musicians. A focal point from the beginning has been talent development. His experiences as both a producer and performing musician within, among others, his groups Sfeq and Dox Orchestra, are brought together within KC Jazz.

The Albeda College Musician Producer course, which Suèr developed in 2008, also plays a role. There, he combines education with talent scouting and development, similar to what A&R managers used to do within record companies: recruiting artist development (completely disappeared in today's label market due to the Internet).

"I find this relevant both practically and artistically in terms of content: guiding students intensively over a longer period of time, in all areas within music, not merely with a focus on one’s own instrument. Our starting points are the musical-dreams and hopes for the future that they had when they auditioned."

You can contact Bart with general questions about the Jazz Department.