Jasper Ras

Main subject teacher Art of Sound

Jasper Ras (1993) is a The Hague-based record producer/engineer/mixer/multi-instrumentalist, specializing in pop/rock/indie/R&B/hip-hop. After he got his first multitrack recorder at the age of 14, his love for music production grew, along with his gear collection.

During his studies in the Art of Sound department of the Royal Conservatoire, he recorded, played, and toured with various bands and artists. As a musician himself, Jasper is always closely involved in the creative process in the studio and strives to materialize the artist's vision as accurately as possible.

After completing his studies, Jasper started his own studio in The Hague, which serves as a creative music playground. He has worked with artists such as Leif de Leeuw, Niko, Misha Wong, Sem Jansen, Loen, Sophia Habib, Nana M Rose, The Bad Tones, OKRA, Alison Jutta, and many more.