Karin de Jong

Teacher Flute

In 1985, I graduated in Flute and Voice (minor) at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. After having played music for many years, I specialised in teaching children and young adults. Since then, I have been a flute teacher at the Art and Culture Centre in Zoetermeer. Besides flute, I teach solfeggio and conduct a childrens' choir and a chamber choir.

As a flute teacher, I try to teach my students that the flute is an extension of the voice, a means of making and enjoying music; how the flute can become a good friend, once you start to observe it properly; and how you can become the best player you can be, if you use your senses. It is my goal to develop musicality and the necessary technique for the instrument. At the same time, I put the joy in making music first. Working towards this result with young children is a fascinating process to me: seeing the child bond with the instrument and leading them towards becoming independant musicians.

I find it important that children enjoy my lesson and that the lesson has a clear structure. Building knowledge is combined with repetition of older material. I followthe tempo of my students and challenge them continuously. Personal musicality is crucial to me.