Remy Wenmaekers

Art of Sound theory teacher

Remy graduated with honours as a Master of Science in Architecture, Building and Planning, with a specialization in Acoustics and did a PhD research on stage acoustics. Since 2006, he is acoustic consultant, researcher and teacher at the company Level Acoustics & Vibration housed in the acoustics laboratory of the department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology. LA&V's mission is to transfer knowledge by participating in innovative building designs and applied research and by participating in courses on acoustics. Remy has worked on various building projects developing solutions to optimise the room acoustics and the insulation of sound. He applies various laboratory and field measurements and prediction modelling methods. He is teacher by giving lectures, organising workshops/courses and supervising students at TU/e and other universities. Working at Level Acoustics & Vibration, Remy shares results fbrom research related to projects at scientific conferences. Remy did a PhD research on the topic of stage acoustics. The final result of this project is a thesis containing 6 published 1st author journal papers on stage acoustics. Besides, he (co)authored many other published journal papers, conference papers and professional publications on various topics in acoustics.