Slava Poprugin

Main subject teacher piano (Classical Department)

Viacheslav Poprugin was born in 1973 in the city of Khabarovsk, Russia. Primary musical education he obtained at the Topolyok Choir Music School of Khabarovsk thanks to teacher Marina Ternovskaya. Then he studied at Khabarovsk Regional College of Arts under Larissa Tokareva, brilliant pedagogue and researcher, the follower of Heinrich Neuhaus’s school. In 2000 he graduated from the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, where he studied under professor Alexander Alexandrov.

Long term passion for contemporary music has led him to a close collaboration with many composers like E. Denisov, S. Berinsky, A. Raskatov, B. Filanovsky, M. Shmotova etc. Lots of solo recitals and chamber music performances as well as playing with orchestras conducted by V. Verbitsky, V. Yurovsky, V. Titz, S. Malkki provided the musician with a rich artistic experience.

Later musician’s mastery gained from his teachers was re-comprehenced through collaboration with cello-player Natalia Gutman who always seeks for braking paradigms. This creative cooperation began in 1999 and it opened a new period in pianist’s life. Pianist gave many performances on a tour and became well known in different contries and continents. His expression was highly effected by romantic sence of performances made by this unbeated professional duet, which is always welcomed by audience. Unlimited intimacy, which played pivotal role in musician’s nature, gained its ultimate shape recent time. Rare but thought-through programs bear a very specific mood, which is brought naked to the public.

Professional performances go simultaneously with teaching in Viacheslav’s life. Since 1999 he is a docent at the Moscow Conservatoire, where he gives Chamber Music and Piano classes. Many successful ensembles and solo players were graduated under his sensitive supervision. But his “marriage” with music is not one-sided as he is well developed as a sound engineer. In less then ten years he recorded and mastered plenty of albums together with widely known Eggner Trio, Natalia Gutman, Alexey Lubimov etc. His publishing partners to this moment are Gramola, Live Classics and Artservice Music Publishing sound labels.

Nowadays Viacheslav is one of the most prominent professionals who shape the universe of academic music in eyes of audience as it is.


Slava Poprugin

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