Welcome to the admission procedure for your course at the Royal Conservatoire.

Every step of the registration procedure is described and explained below and all you have to do is complete each step in the process. Clicking on the x will reveal additional information. When you click on Studielink you will leave our website. After applying you will receive an e-mail from Studielink with a link to Osiris Online Application, which is part of our Student Administration System. You will upload all the requested documents to that page. If you have any questions during the process, please contact the student administration office at studentadministration@koncon.nl.

Don't forget to check the general admission requirements, these are applicable to all admissions. For more information regarding your programme please click here. All information regarding the entrance exams will be published on koncon.nl/entrance-exams.

The deadline for uploading documents via Osiris Apply is before March 1st.

Studielink is the online registration system for higher education in the Netherlands. When you register, you will also automatically be registered with DUO (Dienst Uitvoerend Onderwijs), the agency that arranges student financing, among other things.

  • If you are a Dutch student, log on with your DigiD. If you do not yet have one, it can be requested at www.digid.nl. It could be several days before you receive the log-in codes.
  • If you are an international student, log on with a user name and password that you will be able to create for yourself in Studielink.
  • Apply for the course of your choice (the first step in your ‘to do’ list) under Royal Academy/Royal Conservatoire The Hague. Complete each step in the screen. Detailed instructions and help with the process is available on the website of Studielink.

To Studielink

Note: you will now leave the website of the Royal Conservatoire. You are not done with the admission process after registering with Studielink. Please read the further instructions below first.

Start by collecting all the documents you will need to register for your entrance exam and your course.

  1. Scores (see below)
  2. Motivation form (see below)
  3. Master Study Plan (see below)
  4. Curriculum vitae

The scores of at least three (and preferably four) of your own compositions, together with audio recordings of the works. Midi recordings are permitted.

Recordings of exclusively electronic compositions (intended to be played via electronic media) can be submitted without a score.

If there are no recordings of a score or none can made, the score can be sent without a recording.

The following applies for all recordings that are being submitted:
Create a Word document with a list of all the links to the recordings and videos. If you have your own YouTube or Vimeo account (or a SoundCloud account in the case of audio) or an account with a similar online platform, we would prefer that you post your recordings on that platform and include the link to it in the Word document. You will upload the Word document at the appropriate question in Osiris Online Application later in the process.

Answer the questions in the motivation form and upload the document in Osiris Apply.

You are required to write a realistic Master Study Plan. Please refer to the guidelines document

Master Study Plan Guidelines for Composition, The Musician Educator, Music Education according to the Kodály Concept, Theory of Music, Ensemble Singing, National Master Orchestral Conducting (NMO).

You can also find these guidelines in the Entry Requirements section of the individual programme pages.

Please note that the Classical Department has no pre-selection. You will be judged upon the recordings you sent in before 1 March.

If your application was successful, you will be contacted through e-mail before April 1st and you will be invited for an online meeting.

The entrance exam for most of our Bachelor Programmes consist of a theoretical and a practical part. You will be invited for the online theoretical test which will take place in April.

The entrance exam for most of our Master Programmes consists of a practical exam and an oral discussion of your Master Project or Master Study Plan.

In order to qualify for an admission at the Royal Conservatoire, you have to pass all parts of your entrance exam. The entry requirements of your Main Subject can be found on the programme page of the programme you have chosen. Find all programmes here: https://www.koncon.nl/en/programmes

For more information regarding the dates and specifications of the entrance exams, please also check: koncon.nl/entrance-exams.

A couple of weeks after the entrance exam, we will send you your results. There are three categories: ‘Rejected’, ‘Eligible’ and ‘Accepted.

Eligible’ means that your level is sufficiently high to be admitted to the Royal Conservatoire, but that it is not yet certain whether we can actually offer you a spot due to a limited amount of spots in each programme.

Only candidates that have been ‘Accepted’ to the Royal Conservatoire have a guaranteed spot in the programme of their choice.

Candidates who fulfilled all the requirements and obligations of the admission procedure can begin their studies in September of the following academic year.

If you are admitted, you must ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted.
The deadline to submit the proof of your English language proficiency (see step English proficiency) is before 1 September.

If you are admitted you will receive information via e-mail and Studielink about payment of tuition fees.

Only when you have fulfilled all registration requirements will you be enrolled as a student. So make sure that you have submitted all requested documents before 1 September.

More information on the fees and payment.

Non-EU/EEA students who are admitted to the programme they applied for need an entree visa and/or residence permit. You also need to make other practical arrangements before you come to the Netherlands and when you arrive here. Please check the website for international students coming to the Netherlands for all procedures, information and contact info.