For the entrance exam Bachelor/Master Composition you must submit three compositions, where possible for varying settings and/or tape or computer compositions. Preferably with (midi) recordings of the works on cd and potentially downloadable via internet.

You will be invited for an interview with the entrance committee, which consists of the head of the department and teachers, in which your motivation and teachability will be evaluated in the context of the material presented. If you live outside Europe there is the option to do the interview via Skype, but personal presence during the interview is preferred.

For entrance to the Bachelor programme Composition your theoretical level will be tested in a separate interview.

Before you start the master you must hand in a Masterplan. This plan needs to contain the following: your motivation for following the Master study, the specific principal study you wish to follow and the goals you wish to accomplish, the research programme and its relationship to the principal subject and any other personal wishes for the study.