After the first pre-selection round, all selected candidates will be informed about the entrance exam procedure. The invitations for our entrance exams can be expected at the latest the last week of march. Due to the current corona (COVID-19) situation we have to change our routine. Normally you would either be live present or skype with a group of ca. five teachers from our department to discuss your work and your ideas. At the moment it is not advised that teachers are together for substantial time in one room.

In case of a rejection, we cannot provide any further details. We understand that this can be very frustrating. However, the time/work pressure in this phase is often very high as is the number of rejections. Therefore, we can only provide you with a general message.

To make your entrance exam possible we will use an online platform (Teams) that allows us to connect from various places with good audio and visuals. Our administration will give you all directions, date and info needed to be well prepared for this event.

The entrance exam consists of a discussion with a small group of teachers on the compositions in your portfolio, your research plan, your development, ideas, desires and your expectations. It will be a general discussion.

Master Study Plan
Before you start the master you must hand in a Master Study Plan. This plan needs to contain the following: your motivation for following the Master study, the specific principal study you wish to follow and the goals you wish to accomplish, the research programme and its relationship to the principal subject and any other personal wishes for the study. You can find the Master Study Plan Guidelines in the download section at the end of the page.