James Hewitt en Robert de Bree winnen beurs voor improvisatie-onderzoek

16 September 2020

The Festival de Musique Improvisée de Lausanne has awarded a scholarship for improvisation research in classical music for the first time. James Hewitt and Robert de Bree (both teachers and alumni of the Royal Conservatoire) won this scholarship for both their research proposals. Congratulations! They will present the results in a concert and workshop at the festival in 2021. The jury was charmed, among other things, by their YouTube channel with which they make improvisation accessible to everyone, from improvisations on single strings for the first music lessons to videos for professional musicians.

James and Robert research how improvisational pedagogy from the past can be applied in concerts and the 'blended' teaching practice of the present, which consists of both online and live elements. James focuses on pedagogical duos from the 16th-18th century and Robert on the translation of the 17th-19th century 'partimento' idea into a solo melodic instrument. Through these videos they explain what their research consists of exactly.