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Alongside full-time programmes, the Royal Conservatoire also offers contract education in the form of courses with incidental lessons at the level of a professional music course but with no certificate or diploma being awarded at the end of the course. These lessons could be individual lessons, group lessons or theory classes, in the following departments: Classical Music, Early Music, Vocal, Jazz, Conducting (Wind Band, Orchestral and Choral), Music Theory, Composition, Sonology and Art of Sound. More information about the departments and their curricula can be found on the programmes pages. The final decision on whether or not to follow contract education lies with the department.
Please note: Contract education in the Classical Music and Art of Sound departments is only available to alumni of the Royal Conservatoire. Alumni can sign up in the academic year directly after graduating for the maximum of one year.


Upon enrolment for contract education lessons you will be registered as a contract education student at the Royal Conservatoire. When you opt for 20 or more individual lessons you will be able to make use of our practice rooms for the maximum of one year, starting from your first lesson. The use of practice rooms is only available at off-peak hours: Monday to Friday after 6pm, Saturday and Sunday.

There are two rates, one for internal contract education students and one for external contract education students. An internal student is someone who is currently doing a bachelor or master programme at the Royal Conservatoire or an alumnus who graduated less than one year ago with a bachelor or master degree or a Practicum Musicae certificate at the Royal Conservatoire. An external student is someone from outside the Royal Conservatoire or an alumnus who graduated more than one year ago with a bachelor or master degree at the Royal Conservatoire. For further information on how we support our alumni, have a look at

If you would like find out more about contract education, click on the relevant department below to fill out the information form. The coordinator or head of department will contact you and relay your request to a teacher who will then arrange a trial lesson in order to assess your aptitude. If you have the required level, the head of department will ask you to sign a contract specifying the number of lessons which are decided by you.

Departments offering contract education:

Classical Music

Early Music



Conducting (Wind Band, Orchestral, Choral)

Music Theory



Art of Sound





1 year

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