Course fees

This page contains further information about the fees for courses in the School for Young Talent, the preparatory year, contract education and other courses.

SEPA authorization form course fees young talent 2020-2021

SEPA authorization form course fees preparatory year 2020-2021

SEPA authorization form course fees sonology 2020-2021

Preparatory year
EEA students€2,100
Non-EEA students€7,500
One-year Sonology course€2,100
Orientation Course Composition, Sonology and ArtScience€650
One-year Muziek als Vak course€2,100
Artist’s Certificate Music€5,200
Artist’s Certificate Dance€5,200

Course fees for School for Young Talent 2020-2021

School for Young Talent Internal€1,950
School for Young Talent External€1,950
PI: Music for pre-school children€1,500
Basis: Wind instruments for children€1,500
Young KC Junior€1,950
School for Young Talent Children’s Choir€300

Contract education

Individual lesson Contract Education50 minutes€ 125
Group Lesson Contract Education50 minutes€ 30

The course fees must be paid in full before July 15, 2020.Please state your name, student number and date of birth when making the transfer.

The bank details of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague are:

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