Babette Zwinkels wins Kunstbende

24 November 2020

Babette Zwinkels (18 years old) is a first-year student Bachelor of Music in Education and a singer-songwriter. She recently won the 1st prize at Kunstbende in the Music category. Kunstbende is a competition for young people aged 13-18 and consists of the categories Dance, DJ, Expo, Fashion, Film, Influencer, Music, Language and Theater. Babette's prize includes two recording days in a studio, a photo shoot and a performance at a festival.

In an interview with the AD she says the following: 'I registered myself to participate. First I went through the selection round, then the preliminary round and then to the final. I didn't really expect anything. So many different genres participated, it is difficult to compare the contestants with each other. So I was very surprised when they suddenly showed up at the door yesterday. ' Her big dream? 'An own theater show. I think it would be great to be able to create my own world on stage. I sing in Dutch. but I also really like French music. '

Video: Babette during the preliminary round South-Holland