Composer Celia Swart winner of Keep an Eye Production prize 2021

23 February 2021

Composer and visual artist Celia Swart was the proud winner of the Keep an Eye Production prize on February 18. This impressive accolade, an initiative of the Keep an Eye Foundation in cooperation with Festival Wonderfeel, offers young talents the opportunity to create a complete stage production. Part of the prize is a €10,000 reward. Celia Swart is the third ever winner after violinist Diamanda Dramm and multi-instrumentalist Akim Moiseenkov.

Celia: "My ideas are often narrative in nature. I start by writing them down in words, then putting them onto a moodboard. From there I start composing. I visualise my music and drawings and animation allow me to express my music even more powerful."(red NRC Handelsblad).

The meanwhile highly sought-after Keep an Eye award was originally designed by Jules Bernard, alumn of the Eindhoven Design Academy, as part of an educational project initiated by the foundation. It visualises a slingslot holding an egg climbing the stairs to a main stage, symbol for the launch of a young artist into the professional practice.

Together with renowned educational facilities and festivals in The Netherlands and abroad, the Keep an Eye Foundation supports young and talented artists, designers, musicians and other creatives in their first steps into their professional lives, by offering them a stage and access to larger or new audiences.

photo: Pieter Kunnen

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