Immerse Yourself in Enchanting Tales and Melodies: Discover DNOA’s Transformations

25 January 2024

The Dutch National Opera Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of training for aspiring opera artists. Each year, they stage multiple opera productions spanning a diverse range of styles. Currently, the performers are immersing themselves in the unique and unknown style of American composer Conrad Susa. The opera "Transformations" is scheduled for performances on February 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th. We had the opportunity to sit down with conductor Sam Weller to offer you a glimpse into the captivating world of this exceptional project.

An Enchanting Musical Adventure

Sam Weller, graduated from our prestigious National Master in Orchestral Conducting in 2022, since then he has been conducting many of the Netherlands professional orchestra's. We are happy to welcome him back at our conservatoire now, as the conductor of this project.

Sam: ‘Since November the singers from the Dutch National Opera Academy and I have been immersing ourselves in a one-of-a-kind musical landscape created by Conrad Susa.
It is a very entertaining and humorous production. Classical music lovers among the audience can spot a lot of musical references from Stravinsky to romantic music. It is a wild ride, but based on fairytales that people are familiar with. I perceive it as a two-hour-long party, yet beneath the surface lie deep and challenging themes. It's an opportunity to have fun, but to challenge ourselves to be vulnerable at the same time. This performance genuinely encompasses a little bit of everything.’

Behind the scenes

‘Susa's style is a fascinating mash-up of various influences, resulting in a polytonal masterpiece. The vocal lines are demanding, requiring intense concentration from our talented singers. Yet, in the rehearsal process, we have uncovered the beauty within each line, and the singers have embraced this unique musical world as second nature.

Working with the students has been a delight. Their energy and enthusiasm inject life into the music. The program, not only prepares them for the challenging opera world but also exposes them to a diverse repertoire throughout the year, ensuring they are ready for any musical challenge that comes their way.’

Secure Your Seat for an unforgettable evening

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