Animato Quartet wins Kersjesprijs

3 October 2023

This year the Kersjes Prize of 50,000 euros goes to the Animato Quartet. In addition to violinist Inga Vaga Gaustad, the quartet consists of 3 alumni of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague: Tim Brackman, Elisa Karen Tavenier and cellist Pieter de Koe.

The Kersjes Prize was founded in 1994 by conductor Anton Kersjes and his wife. The fund has been awarding scholarships and prizes to young talent for 29 years.

About the Animato Quartet, which will receive an amount of 50,000 euros by winning the Kersjes Prize, the jury report says: “We have been following Animato for years and are impressed by the enormous steps the musicians have taken as a quartet. Four players, each retaining and using their individual expression, have developed a layered and intense game as a quartet with a wide palette of colors. They know how to enchant the audience with their vibrant and passionate renditions of music from different periods.”