Sound art of alum Nils Davidse

26 February 2024

Sonology alum Nils Davidse (1987), together with Elise 't Hart and Jonas Wijtenburg, has created an impressive piece of sound art: Food for Thought. For the artwork, they collected conversations about art and combined them with everyday sounds from home: from a bubbling coffee machine to the spreading of a biscuit, a ticking clock and a meowing cat. The sounds can be heard in all the rooms, sometimes loud and clear, sometimes more subtly. The sound artwork always sounds different. The sounds of the house, combined with conversations about art, match the time of day. Think of making coffee in the morning and striking a match in the late afternoon. Never before have they created such a large, permanent work of art. The artwork is the latest addition to the LAM Museum in Lisse.

Nils Davidse graduated cum laude from the Utrechts Conservatorium. He began his studies with a passion for jazz piano, but during his studies he developed a real passion for composing music and sound. He completed a master's degree in Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. He says about it: ‘During my master at the Institute of Sonology I got the chance to really focus on my fascinations in electro acoustic music while being surrounded by a community of like minded teachers and students. Being able to go in great depths of a research is something that proved to be invaluable to me as a person and as an artist. This Institute will forever be a place where I’ll feel welcome to return to and discuss new ideas.’

In addition to his artistic practice, he is a band member with Wende Snijders.

Watch the mini-documentary about the sound artworks by Elise 't Hart, Nils Davidse and Jonas Wijtenburg at the LAM Museum here.