Leonard Kwon conducts Jong KC’s West Side Story

13 June 2024

From 10 – 12 July, Jong KC will present an enchanting performance of the timeless musical classic: West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein. With director Bart Oomen, conductor Leonard Kwon and choreographer Lonneke van Leth, this production promises to be an unforgettable experience for all ages. Leonard Kwon, alumnus of the Royal Conservatoire and now conductor of the Atheneum Kamerorkest, tells about his experiences at the Royal Conservatoire, working with the Jong KC students, and his special connection with Bernstein.

‘As an alumnus of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague and now privileged to serve as a conductor for Atheneum Kamerorkest (AKO), I have been consistently invigorated by the dynamic atmosphere and unwavering commitment that define this prestigious institution. The Royal Conservatoire is more than a school; it is a nurturing environment where musical talent flourishes, and dreams take flight.

I find immense joy in collaborating with the AKO, where students evolve as musicians and individuals through orchestral participation, reaffirming the significance of ensemble playing in the Jong KC curriculum. It cultivates skills in responsibility, attentive listening, and the sheer pleasure of making music together.

My affinity for music traces back to my very beginnings. Born in the United States, my mother’s admiration for Leonard Bernstein, the renowned composer and conductor, led her to name me Leonard. This personal tie to music has been a constant guiding force in my life and career. Thus, I am especially excited to introduce a remarkable summer project this year: a performance of Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. This ambitious production involves all Jong KC music students, demanding unwavering professionalism and offering a unique learning experience. It promises to be unforgettable for all involved.’

Book your tickets now and be part of this unforgettable journey through the streets of New York City, performed in our Conservatoriumzaal in The Hague.