Licht en Lucht festival 2023 - School for Young Talent

13 February 2023

As in any secondary school, students at the School for Young Talent have to complete a profile project as part of the exam. At the School for Young Talent, however, the profile project takes shape on stage. All fourth-graders work on a performance at the Zeeheldentheater in The Hague under the direction of two directors.

In the performance, all three disciplines - dance, music and visual arts - are expressed and, above all, brought together. The research component of the profile project consists firstly of producing the performance and everything that goes with it (budget, planning, artistic content, promotion, etc.). It also involves researching how the three disciplines of dance, music and visual arts can work together. The profile project is also a strong professional orientation for the students: after all, the role of the performing artist has become different from that of the past.

The performance returns every year under the title 'Licht en Lucht festival'. This title refers to the Stichting Strand Links, which, together with the Stichting Cultuurfonds, has made this production financially possible for the past 5 years.

On Friday 27 January, the final performance took place in the Zeeheldentheater. The play was entitled 'Paradise Now' and showed the ideal world as the students would like to see it, but also the darker sides of life. This year it was again a wonderful performance that amazed many adults about the talents of our students in various fields.