Umbrella for Music Curators started broadcasting

17 April 2024

On 12 April 2024, Umbrella for Music Curators (UFMC) started broadcasting from Brno. UFMC is an alternative distribution system for independent music. Put your ears in the hands of music curators who will recommend the music you want to listen to that can't be found on the dominant music-streaming platforms. Because music needs context.

Tomáš Vtípil, alternative musician and sound supervisor of the UFMC project, explains: 'Music needs context. Nowadays, people are literally oversaturated with music, it pours on them everywhere – in shopping centres, in the car, from videos on social networks... Music often serves as a backdrop that the listener doesn't notice at all. UFMC sets itself the challenging goal of bringing listeners back to conscious listening to music, precisely through people who understand it and who can convey deeper connections to listeners. It works like an art exhibition, where the curator makes his own mark on the artworks with the help of a well-thought-out installation.'

The UFMC project brings together three groups of people on a European scale – independent music publishers and creators, experts in new and independent music and listeners. Apart from the Slovak label, the founding foreign partners also include the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (Institute of Sonology). Martin Hurych, Margerita Brillada and Justin Bennett are the coordinators. Justin Bennett explains: 'For Sonology, the UFMC project provides an international platform for students, lecturers and alumni. The shows up until now include research presentations, explorations of international music scenes, the underground scene of The Hague, Radio Art experiments, environmental sounds and lots of music.'

Listeners can 'tune in' to UFMC programs at and soon also via the mobile app.