'Sounding the Brinkhorst': Royal Conservatoire's Participation in "Sound Up" Project

15 January 2024

At the Royal Conservatoire, we place great importance on practical research. Under the leadership of Paul Craenen, our lectorate, 'Music, Education, and Society,' delves into the evolving role of musical expertise in contemporary culture and its implications for higher music education.

Starting in January 2024, our lectorate, Music, Education & Society, proudly embarks on the interdisciplinary arts-based research initiative, "Sound Up." Collaborating with Luleå University of Technology, Leiden University, Soundtrackcity, I'm Binck, and Kluster, this project seeks to improve the quality of life in residential areas and public spaces through a thoughtful redesign of the sonic environment.

Sound Up blends practical applications with theoretical insights, fostering collaboration among diverse professionals, including sound artists, landscape architects, historians, ethnographers, and sound studies scholars. The project aims to generate innovative tools and perspectives relevant to practical fields like urban design and regional development.


Sound Up aims to forge active partnerships with local stakeholders and businesses. Through this approach, we aspire to implement innovative strategies and contribute tangibly to the green transition while fostering the development of sustainable and more appealing living environments.

Our research will focus on two dynamic urban landscapes undergoing transformation: the city of Kiruna in Sweden and the Binckhorst area in The Hague. The Binckhorst research team comprises Justin Bennett (KC, Sonology), Irene Ruiz Perez Canales (KC, Sonology), Renate Zentschnig (Soundtrackcity), Marcel Cobussen (Leiden University), and Paul Craenen (KC, lector).

For more information about and updates about this project keep an eye on the website of PARC

Sound Up is co-funded by Regieorgaan SIA, part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW)